• “One of best experiences of my life” Gerry Sinnot (self-employed)
  • Brilliant! Amazing how it all came together in two and a bit days. Aidan can bring out the comic in anyone. Loved it. - Kay Dunne (Retired Politician)
  • “You made everyone feel instantly at ease and in a safe zone. I can’t wait to do another course with you.” Becky McMillan
  • Thanks a million for an amazing weekend. I have to say it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. To get such clear insights into just being yourself was profound. Aidan and Raphael made a fantastic team. I will be taking these lessons to heart for the rest of my life. - Cormac Griffith (Roots and Fruits)
  • “When two or three are gathered in the name of comedy, then they should attend Aidan Killian’s course.”  -Ganesh Ramachandran (IADT lecturer)
  • Best weekend Ever!!! It was amazing to see how our stories evolved in 2 days, from poor anecdotes to comedy sets! We learnt a lot and, more important, we had a LOT of fun :) If you are worried about the gig on Monday, don’t be, Aidan can help everybody be hilarious (seriously, EVERYBODY) - Juan Couto
  • “This weekend was nothing like I anticipated, in the most unexpected, and wonderful ways.” Claire Cassidy
  • WARNING -SIDE EFFECTS WARNING: Aching facial muscles, noticeable dazed expression  general happiness feeling and positive outlook. Confident demeanour  that is unlikely to shift.
    Consider yourself warned-All of the above are the ’side effects of the amazing course’. Do it. Its that simple.
    This short ,effective course is a life changer… You will feel confident,happier and able to enjoy and  manage anything that crops up. Public speaking with confidence will be a walk in the park. Do it. and enjoy the side effects… Margaret McHugh (Mental Health Worker / Confidence Coach)
  • “I haven’t had as much fun in ages.” Gordon Rose – (martketing)
  • I would highly recommend the course. My highlight was the feeling of being on stage and making people laugh. The buzz afterwards was great – I felt on top of the world! The journey you go through over the weekend is intense and surprisingly emotional, and I saw people in the group grow massively in confidence over such a short space of time. Great fun and an awesome experience! Lena Chudasama
  • Creative, engaging, challenging, heart-warming, enticing, exciting and most of all fun! This course managed to facilitate over just one weekend the kind of connectedness and confidence that can take decades to uncover alone. Our group was gently and artistically catapulted into preparedness and self-assuredness. We had an absolutely brilliant time in the process, and came away with a new lease on life and some wonderful friends to share it with! I can’t recommend this course highly enough! -Leslie Sherlock (sex educator) 
  • “…your teaching style encouraging and friendly and would recommend you as a coach to anyone. ” Tony O’ Neill (Radio Presenter)
  • Being a teacher, I found his teaching methods very engaging and student centred; he really facilitated each student helping them to reach their potential. I would not hesitate to recommend any course led by Mr.Killian in the future.” - Eimear Beardmore. (B.Ed/M.Phil Theatre and Performance.  ) 
  • I was quite reluctant to do this course out of sheer fear last year and I just decided to just go with it. The course exceeded my expectations in every way possible.” - Zac Campbell (UCD student)
  • “As a Doctor I need to communicate with patients about complex issues. It can be a challenge to do this simply and accurately. In this course I learned to communicate clearly and precisely while remaining natural and at ease. This has helped in my day today work as a General Practitioner” Lucy (G.P.)
  • I enjoyed the course; I found it professional and useful in a real world situation.” Terry Markey – (Actor)
  • “I attended the Gaiety School of Acting Comedy Class which graduated in June 2013. The class was taught by Aidan Killian. I found Aidan to be extremely enthusiastic, passionate and genuinely concerned that students would get as much as they could from the course. He took the time to understand each individual student and their personal motivation to participate in the course. I was actually surprised and impressed at the level of support he provided to students outside of the class. It was quite evident he was spending time emailing, phoning and in some cases even rewriting scripts for students between classes. The results on the night of the graduation spoke for themselves; I believe it was a very successful course. Paul Dwyer (Online Security)
  • “The course & getting up in front of a live audience has been a blast :) ))) Thanks a million for everything always wanted to try this :) )” - Lyndon Morris (fitness coach)
  •  I thank Aiden for his experience and confidence in me to deliver a great set..so good it was i was asked to do support for professional comedians since.”
    Derek Blaney- (chauffeur) 
  • “Aidan should rename his course to the comedy masterclass, because this man combines intelligence and true wit and the results are spectacular. He has changed the way I tell stories forever. Don’t think about it, you are obviously interested in comedy if you are reading this, just make a decision already!!! Let Aidan be your guide into the magical world of laughter.” Adam Browne, Information Systems Architect.

  • This weekend has been thrilling and terrifying in equal measures:- Claire Cassidy (comedian)
  • ” The course was nothing but positive and so enlightening. As well as having an Excellent tutor, I have now some new life long friends.” Shay Russell (entertainer)
  • Aidan is intelligent, funny, extremely helpful, patient and above all else, someone with a passion and skill for what he does.” Brian McGee – (Business man)
  • The weekend workshop with Aidan has been an intense experience which opened my eyes to understand how everyone could be a funny person. The workshop was held in a very friendly atmosphere but it still involved hard work which gave excellent results during the graduation gig! Salvatore (IT Engineer)
  • “The workshop was fantastic. I’ll be recommending it to people, even if I have to stab them in the leg to convince them,
‘But Sarah I don’t want to do stand up..’ ”You will do what I say if you want to walk again! Now make me a sandwich”- Sarah Elizabeth Byrne – Teacher
  • It was a great weekend and last night was a blast – really thoroughly enjoyed it. Amazing how it all came together for everyone. - Warren Harding


“Absolute HUGE thanks to Aidan for showing me what is possible to achieve in 6 hours and just how fun standup comedy can be… Thanks mate!” – Aaron pannasbodi (Project Rockstar)

“Thanks mate, that was an awesome experience ! You did a very very good teaching ! 100% success for 4 people, in 1 day of training, respect” – Alexandre Fournel (Project Rockstar)

“10 out of 10 for the course. I really enjoyed it and believe that anyone that will ever stand in front of people to do a presentation should do Aidans course!” Gerry O’Brien  (IT)

“I really enjoyed the course, I learned loads and had a great time. Highly recommended by me!” Hamlet Sweeney (singer)












Absolute HUGE thanks to Aidan for showing me what is possible to achieve in 6 hours and just how fun standup comedy can be. I went into the course not wanting to do it, and not really seeing what was funny about the things I was saying, and having no real idea what to talk about. But Aidan has this ability to take things that you naturally know about and to help you accentuate the humour and jokes in them. He is both a funny guy and a great comedian himself, and plus he knows how to teach it. Thanks mate!                                                           – Aaron pannasbodi (Project Rockstar)


With Aidan’s help, me and 3 other guys from Project Rockstar got on stage and made a room full of people laugh. This is an amazing achievement considering none of us had ever done stand-up before and he had with only a day and a half to prepare us for the show. All four of us kicked ass at the show – it was an awesome experience.                                                        -Conor O’Higgins (project rockstar)


“Aidan’s comedy workshop course is arguably the best money I have ever spent. Aidan’s enthusiasm for comedy is infectious and his unwavering belief in both himself and his students is inspiring.

Aidan has a very deep and through understanding of the structure of comedy, why people laugh, the psychology of humour and he shares this with his students.
What was especially worthwhile was having a high-calibre comedian and writer in the form of Michael Mee help students with their writing. This was pure gold. Being able to have someone of Michael’s standard teach me on how to improve, refine and polish my jokes was a rare privilege. What I learned from Michael was worth the price of the workshop alone.
In addition, Aidan also had Abie P Bowman to share with us his experience of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and how to leverage the media to your advantage.
The icing on the cake though was having an NLP expert in the form of Thomas O’ Duffy hypnotise the class into being confident on stage. Seriously. It just works. On my very first night, (which was a sell out) rather than be intimidated by the crowd I waltzed up there, full of confidence and energy. People were amazed that it was my very first time on stage. This is because Thomas gave me the exercises and the mindset that I could pull it off and I did.
If you want to find a new lease of life, learn how to be funnier, how to write comedy, how to promote yourself and to pull off  an effective comedy standup-gig, I would recommend Aidan Killian’s course without reservation.
He is the best in this forte and Aidan can only go onto bigger and better things from here.” - Will Lynch (journalist)

Thanks mate, that was an awesome experience ! You did a very very good teaching ! 100% success for 4 people, in 1 day of training, respect :)  - Alexandre Fournel (Project Rockstar)


“Aidan Killian was very effective and enjoyable to work with. He was very supportive while practicing, and even though I told the same joke 15 times, he still laughed and gave very precise feedback and helpful suggestions every time. His attention to detail was crucial to get me ready for the stage in such a short time. Thanks for your hard work and guidence.” Andrew Stevens (guest on project rockstar)
On doing standup for time: ”omg it went fricken awesome im still on a high :D ” - Jamie Cahill


“I never thought I would ever end up doing stand up comedy but by doing the course it gave me enough skills and the confidence to give it a go and it was a real buzz” Declan Coyne


” Just DO IT ! !  …. Aidan Creates motivating, safe space to practice & learn stand up. The course provides a very valuable insight into the world of comedy & public speaking. It gave me the confidence to go on stage in front of strangers & make them laugh. I highly recommend it” - Ian Perth (Ulster Bank)


“That really rocked. Still on cloud 9, three days later” -Tony Dawson (toastmasters)


In my opinion Aidan is one of the best in this field. His course is beneficial whether it be for stand up comedy or presentation skills. it helps with a number of things including body language, public speaking and psychology The course helps to enhance your qualities.These efficient techniques and skills are essential in order to publicly speak successfully, whats more, you’ll have great craic doing so……………….. Paudy Byrne


“I loved the course and so pleased I did it, its helped me in many ways” - Susie Reilly
“I liked how it broke down stand up comedy into different easily explained sections.” - Alan Rogers


“Every human interaction is a presentation, of yourself. Whether to one person or one thousand, Aidan’s course will help you make that presentation with verve, wit, humour and confidence.” -Francis McGillicuddy  (IT Consultant)


“Insightful, with input from professionals with different perspectives.” Joseph O’Loughlin


“Everybody, even people that consider themselves good at presenting wante to be better at public speaking. Aidan’s course is a great way to improve the skills you need for this: confidence, body language,what to say and the way to say it etc. What is even better about this course is that you have a great laugh while learning all this!” - Simon Daly (Sales IBM)

Excellent course all round and well recommended as a couple of nights that will get you thinking outside the box! ”
-Sarah Kelly, The Panel (recrutment)
“10 out of 10 for the course. I really enjoyed it and believe that anyone that will ever stand in front of people to do a presentation should do Aidans course!” Gerry O’Brien


Anybody interested in writing comedy, performing comedy, getting involved in comedy will find Aidan’s workshop hugely helpful. Hot only is Aidan a very funny and likable guy he’s an excellent presenter. I am recommending to all of my friends”-Mark Cahill (broker)


“I really enjoyed the course, I learned loads and had a great time. Highly recommended by me!” Hamlet Sweeney(singer)

99.99% of people fear public speaking, the rest are liars.
Effective public speaking increases you ability to prosper in life.
Aidan has trained me up in the tools & techniques needed to prosper.
The results speak for themselves.
In 6 weeks haven spoken and presented to over 500 people.
The fear has not gone away, but my ability to use fear to my advantage has grown.

-Darrell O’Dea – 087 292 5067, darrell@FinancialCoaching.ie

Comedy Coach

I found this course to be extremely effective in my role as events officer. It has given me a new found confidence in my public speaking and i can now address a room with my head held high. The course is very professionally run and you are made feel welcome as a friend rather than a client. I can highly recommend this course to everyone. I had a great time and am now reaping the rewards.
-Erich King, Entertainment officer IADT


” If you want to dare to do stand up comedy or just feel more confident on stage then this is the course for you, great encouragement, advice and laughs to be had along the way, thoroughly enjoyed it”                                                     - Karen Twomey, Irish Film Academy


Aidan is a breath of fresh air to this country as he truly does care about the topic he is teaching and takes a very personal interest into how his students wish to use what they have learnt. From just congratulating them on getting over there fear of speaking to a crowded room all the way up to actually getting them a gig!
-Kevin O’Sullivan (business manager)


“The main thing I got out of it was clarity about what stand up is in relation to story telling”
-John Greany (Lecturer)


“Aidan’s course is really unique and my faith in his approach was rewarded with a new-found ability face an audience with confidence. This has made a big difference to my approach and I now have a structure to incorporate humour into my presentations. I and my audience are now much more relaxed, I would definately recommend Aidan and his course.
-Tom Walsh. Personal & Business Coach www.eclipsecoaching.com


“A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful experience which gave me the confidence and the motivation to try something completely new”
-Keith Kane (Upcoming Comedian)


“The classes were insightful and often hilarious, Aidan took a topic that could normally be mundane, and channelled it through stand up comedy, making it thoroughly enjoyable.”
-Conor Mc Kenna (Comedian and Auditor UCD drama soc.)